New way of pleasent stay in Sarajevo!


Apartment No1 - Marijin Dvor

Marindvor is Sarajevo settlement which is located in the center of the city. It is full of beautiful palaces from the Austro-Hungarian period, the buildings of recent construction, and religious objects that represent the national monuments.



Apartment No2 - Markale

Markale (German. Markthalle) is the name for town market in Sarajevo.
The project for this building has been completed in 1894, under name "Markthalle fur Sarajevo", and the building was finished a year later. The desginer was August Butsch, who built it in Neo-Renaissance style.

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Apartment New Age

Apartment New Age is a newly opened apartment and like the name itself already hints, something new and modern but still in a very old part of town.



Comfy Apartment New Age

Comfy Apartment New Age ...